Seahawks Super Bowl Sweets

Happy Blue Friday! Since I have lived in Seattle for 23 years of my 24 years of life, I am beyond excited that the Seahawks are in the Super Bowl! I wish I was there to experience the energy and excitement of the city, but these Seahawks-themed treats will have to do.


Cupcakes and Cashmere is my favorite blog and the pom pom cupcakes that she made in honor of the Super Bowl are so cute! Obviously the green and blue one is the prettiest ;)

superbowl 8These festive 12th Man Mojitos from Posh Little Designs are sure to liven up a Super Bowl party. From the blue and green ingredients to the 12th Man flag and football-shaped kiwi, it just screams “Go Hawks!”

superbowl 9It can’t be a Seahawks celebration without Skittles! Marshawn Lynch would love these cookies from The Emerging Foodie.

superbowl 10One of the things I miss most about Seattle is Trophy Cupcakes. You just can’t beat a triple chocolate cupcake. I’m sure these spirited sweets have been quite popular lately! As they say – “The 12th Man needs a Trophy.” Agreed!


Home for the Holidays

Like the song says, “There’s no place like home for the holidays!” I’ve never found this so true until I was visiting Seattle last weekend. I’m not used to the sunny winters and brown scenery of Las Vegas, so it didn’t really feel like Christmas until I was able to see the green trees, gray skies and Christmas lights on the Space Needle. Below are a few photos from my quick trip.








(1) My mom still hangs stockings for all of the kids (and the three dogs) in the family. (2) My pink “J” stocking. (3) As you can tell by the frozen fountain, it was a little chilly shopping at University Village – it got down to 15 degrees! (4) Although it was cold, I had to get the salted caramel ice cream from Molly Moon’s. (5) Ok, I also had to get my favorite cupcake from Trophy (6) I was just as excited (if not more…) to see my dogs as I was my parents. (7) Muddy – our sweet, old lab.

Fall in Washington

You can’t beat fall in Washington. Living in Las Vegas has made me appreciate it even more. It’s hard to enjoy a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks when it is still 80 degrees outside or carve pumpkins to put outside your front door when there are palm trees in your yard. Plus the selection of pumpkins and fresh produce can’t compare. When I took a trip home in September I made sure to stop by Snohomish where fall was definitely in the air! Below are a few photos from my trip that I wanted to share. Hope they help everyone get into the seasonal spirit :)

20131006-115614.jpgMy boyfriend wanted to buy his mom some Honeycrisp apples for her birthday, so we went on an apple hunt and were very successful. It was so fun to see the farm houses, fields and fresh produce. 20131006-115629.jpgAnother favorite feature of fall? Wearing boots!! 20131006-115648.jpgPretty pumpkins :) 20131006-115827.jpgI see apple pie in my future… 20131006-115956.jpg

20131006-120058.jpgA cozy blanket, pumpkin spice latte and Daisie curled up on my lap is the perfect morning!20131006-120658.jpg



20131006-120810.jpgI love the small town feel of downtown Snohomish. Complete with cute cupcake shops, trendy boutiques and adorable home decor stores, I could walk up and down the riverside main street for hours.

Happy Fall! 


Hot Cakes


There is no doubt in my mind that I inherited my sweet tooth from my mom; specifically our love for chocolate. She has been wanting to try Hot Cakes in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, which is known for its molten chocolate cake in mason jars. My sister and I took her there for an early birthday / Mother’s Day present. The food was delicious and the rustic décor was adorable! I wanted to try everything on the menu! The grilled chocolate sandwich and boozy shakes look really interesting and I bet they taste amazing, too.


My mom and I decided to split a grilled cheese, which was made with apples, bacon and Beecher’s cheese. I love how they served it. So cute!



My sister got the vanilla bean milkshake and loved it! There was not a drop left, which I thought was unfortunate. She doesn’t like to share her food with me :(


Last, but not least: the dark decadence molten cake! It’s made with Theo dark chocolate and served with vanilla ice cream, salted caramel and toffee nibs. All of my favorite flavors in one delicious dessert! We were in chocolate heaven. My sweet tooth was definitely satisfied.



Gorgeous Glass


I don’t love museums and I’m not much of an “art” person, but Chihuly Garden and Glass is AMAZING! It was on my checklist of places to visit before I move (so long Seattle, viva Las Vegas!), so my roommate, Alie, and I set out for a little adventure to Seattle Center with our cameras in hand. Dale Chihuly is a local artist, but has created pieces all over the world. This collection of his work is absolutely beautiful. My favorite feature is the glasshouse that you can see the Space Needle through.  The outdoor glass garden is stunning, too! There is also a cafe and a bookstore full of souvenirs. Here are some of the pictures I took. Professional photographers are also there to take your picture, which you can email to yourself for free!


Persian Ceiling.


This tower is part of the sealife room.


Mille Fiori (Italian for ‘a thousand flowers’).


There are several chandeliers in the exhibition.


Macchia Forest.




Alie being artsy with her “fancy cam.”


The Glasshouse and the Sun, which is the center of the garden.


The Sun and the Space Needle. Even though I see the Space Needle almost every day, I still think it is so cool.


Chihuly Garden and Glass is a must-see in Seattle! It should definitely be ranked up there with Pike Place Market, the Space Needle and the Seattle Great Wheel as top tourist attractions. Although locals should definitely check it out, too!

Crazy for Cupcake Royale

Cupcakes, ice cream and coffee. Could it get much better? Well, there is also a chocolate store attached to it, so I would say yes.


Cupcake Royale is located just a block away from Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. The pink and brown store front is adorable and the décor inside is just as cute!


I was in cupcake heaven! They have so many amazing flavors to choose from! Salted caramel is their best seller and I can see why. I judge a cupcake by its frosting. Honestly, I see the cake as a gateway to the buttercream. These flavors had me drooling like a dog anticipating a treat!


I finally decided on these two ‘babycakes’. The double chocolate was amazing! The soft, moist cake had great flavor and you can’t beat fudgy, chocolate frosting! The second one I tried was called the “compost cupcake.” The frosting is literally a mixture of everything: coconut, oats, coffee, chocolate chips, vanilla cake crumbs and potato chip crumbs! This unexpected combination creates a sweet and salty taste. LOVED it!


They also sell cute coffee mugs and T-shirts. I couldn’t pass this one up because it includes three things I love: cupcakes, pink and Seattle!



I rate Cupcake Royale 5 out of 5 cupcakes!

Country Love

Hope y’all had a happy Valentine’s Day! My friends and I spent ours gettin’ our country on and two-stepping at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard. It’s always a good time when country music is involved! We saw Aces Up perform. I had never heard of them, but they were really good! Also, they are from Seattle! Who would have thought a country band would come from the city famous for grunge and alternative rock?! Apparently country is country-wide, Brantley Gilbert! The bar had really cute decorations, such as cowboy boots hanging from the ceiling. Here are some pictures from our night!

tractor 4

tractor 1

tractor 2

tractor 3

tractor 5

Fun in Fremont


After living in Seattle for five years now, how have I never been to the Fremont Sunday Market before?! There is food, mobile clothing boutiques, jewelry, crafts, home decor and thrift store-type items, so basically everything I love! My roommates and I had the best time. They both got some delicious jam from a stand that sold unique flavors such as raspberry chipotle (which had beer in it, too, although you couldn’t taste it). I enjoyed the booth selling gluten-free pastries! However, the mobile clothing boutiques were my favorite. These repurposed school buses and trailers were as cute on the outside as they were the inside! One was even heated and had a dressing room. They had a surprisingly big selection of cute clothes, accessories and purses. Check out the pictures of our weekend adventure below :)

IMG_1034 IMG_1035 IMG_1039

IMG_1038  IMG_1041

IMG_1042  IMG_1044  IMG_1046


IMG_1048  IMG_1050



Thanks for checking out my blog! Fashion, baking, yoga, country music and crafting are just a few of my interests that I will be writing about. I hope to share some of my favorite trends and seasonal styles, recipes that I love, successful crafts and more. The picture below sums up a lot of the things I love in life: family, country music (specifically Lady Antebellum) and Seattle.