Closet Cleanse

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After checking out the new styles at the Nordstrom sale, I was inspired to clean out my closet to get ready for the new season. I have so many pieces that I never wear anymore, but have been holding on to just in case. Instead of keeping these mediocre items, I decided to give my closet (and mind) a nice cleanse. Hopefully these tips well help you create a clutter-free closet that portrays the best version of yourself :)

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Unleash the real you. Your closet expresses who you are, so I want it to present who I am right now and who I dream of being. I feel like I have matured in the last year and I want my wardrobe to reflect that. It felt great to shed pieces that no longer fit with my inner self. Goodbye college party wardrobe!

Ask yourself the below questions about each garment and if they answer is “yes” to all four, then it’s a keeper!

  1. Do I love it?
  2. Does it look my age?
  3. Is it flattering?
  4. Is it the image I want to project – sophisticated, strong, sexy, etc.?

One issue I noticed was that I would hang on to pieces because it fit the dress code for work, but I didn’t actually like it anymore. I decided to get rid of these so that I wouldn’t be lazy and throw them on in the morning. This will force me to look my best every day.


Define your style – preppy, edgy, trendy, bohemian? Once you establish the look you are going for, it’s easy to toss pieces that don’t fit into your wardrobe anymore. Try looking at Pinterest for inspiration and make a list of the key pieces that will help you build your desired wardrobe. While looking at items you already own, ask yourself if it is in line with the style you are trying to achieve. If not, then it’s time for it to go.

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Be honest with yourself. Do you really wear it or does it just hang in your closet day after day? If you haven’t worn a piece of clothing in more than a year, chances are you won’t miss it.

Another problem I have come across is that I have an item I like, but nothing else in my closet matches it. I have a pair of patterned, high-waisted shorts that I like the style of, but when I put them on they just never look right with any of my tops. I’d rather sell them and make money to buy something new instead of having them sit unworn in my closet.

Now that you’ve completed your closet purge, what should you do with the giveaway items? I’ve had good luck with Plato’s Closet and recently signed up for Poshmark, an app that allows you to share Instagram-style photos of the items and sell them to other users.


{Clothing photos are from Peridot Boutique}





StylishGirl is my new favorite iPhone app! It allows you to have your wardrobe in the palm of your hand! You start by taking pictures of all the items in your closet and categorizing them. It takes a little while, but it’s nice to see everything you have! For example, I have some items that I always overlooked, but while taking the pictures I realized that it’s still really cute. You can also make notes and write details for each item (size, where it’s from, etc.).

My favorite feature is that you can put outfits together and save them. When I’m in a rush to get to work, but still want to look put-together, I can just pull up my list of saved outfits and throw it on without having to think about it.

This app also lets you pack your “suitcase” by adding single items or an entire outfit at once! I’m going to Mexico in a couple of weeks and want to start packing now, but I don’t want to have my actual suitcase sitting out until then. With this app I can see what I want to bring without having piles of clothes on my floor. It also helps me see what I’m missing. I’ve learned that I don’t have much of a warm-weather wardrobe since I’ve lived in Seattle my entire life. This will have to change!

I also love this app because when I am out shopping, I can see if I have anything that matches the item I’m thinking about buying. Also, I can see if I have anything similar to it that I forgot about.

If you’re a clothing addict like me, you will absolutely love this app!