Friday Five

It’s definitely true that time flies when you are having fun. Some weeks I feel like Friday will never arrive, but this week I’m shocked that it’s already the weekend. In the past few days I’ve caught up with former coworkers over happy hour, attended the launch party for a local magazine and got my butt kicked at a kick boxing class. As fun as it’s been, I think the couch has my name written all over it this weekend.


{We have hit the one year mark on our wedding countdown. Can’t wait to say “I Do” next August!}


{Picking fresh apples, pears and cantaloupe at a local orchard.}


{My favorite distressed denim shorts from Peridot Boutique.}


{Wine, cheese and a blog brainstorm make for a fun, relaxing evening,}


{Had fun catching up with friends while indulging in this chocolate biscuit at Forte.}

Happy Weekend!

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