Friday Five


Wahoo it’s almost the weekend! I think I actually enjoy Friday more than the weekend itself because you are in a relaxed, excited mindset knowing that you have two days of freedom ahead of you. Plus, casual Friday dress codes allow for some flexibility with your fashion decisions. I love being able to wear jeans instead of a skirt or dress pants! To start off a fun-filled weekend, I decided to share five of my favorite photos from the week.


{As a Cake Boss fan, I have been wanting to try Carlo’s Bakery at the Venetian ever since it opened this spring, but the line is always too long. We finally decided to stick it out one night and it was definitely worth the 45 minute wait. This dark chocolate mousse cake did not disappoint.}


{I miss Washington’s farmers markets and local produce, but I’m glad we discovered Fresh52 inside Tivoli Village.}


{My mom sent me this Seattle-themed Starbucks gift card and cute card in the mail, which brought an instant smile to my face. She knows me too well. I’m also pretty positive that my chocolate addiction is hereditary, hence the below photo.}


{What would the week be without #TBT? This is one of my favorite photos of me as a child because not much has changed. I still love the color pink and baking chocolate desserts.}


This was the sweetheart table from the wedding we went to in San Diego, which was beautiful! It’s hard to beat that beach as a background. Okay, so this wasn’t in the past week, but I never did share it and thought it was a fun photo for some wedding inspiration.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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