Quick Pick: Brie & Balsamic Flatbread

brieBrie cheese makes everything better! This brie and balsamic flatbread caught my eye while walking down the frozen food aisle of Target. It is made with Brie cheese, a balsamic glaze, Italian cheese sauce and a wood-fired crust. It was rich in flavor and had the perfect thin crust that was both crispy and chewy.


The flavorful flatbread is great by itself or with additional touches. Suggested pairings include a tart red or white wine and a salad of fresh arugula, thin-sliced pears and walnuts drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. I think it would also taste amazing if you topped the flatbread with arugula, pears and walnuts. Other tasty toppings could be sliced almonds, warm mango chutney or diced apples. Even though I loved it plain, I will definitely be giving these a try next time!

It’s quick and easy to “cook” up. Just bake at 425F for 9-11 minutes. It makes a great appetizer, side or meal!


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