Vegas Fashion

What non-locals think I wear vs. what I actually wear…

Living in Las Vegas has drastically changed my style. Mostly because it isn’t appropriate to wear sweaters when it’s 115 degrees… So long Seattle wardrobe. Before I moved here, when I heard “Vegas,” the style that came to mind was tight dresses, short skirts, high heels and lots of sequins. However, I quickly realized that Vegas is much larger than just the strip. Obviously I knew people didn’t wear clubbing attire 24/7, but I didn’t realize how much the heat affects your clothing choices. I’ve always preferred boots and flats to flip flops, but pools and hot weather has changed my opinion. They are a necessity.
When it comes to clothing the looser, lighter and less (to some degree) the better! By less I mean that maxi skirts and jean jackets don’t work in this heat, but we’ll leave the skimpy clothing to the dancers on the Strip. Simple shorts, breezy tanks and flip flops are perfect for running errands and being out and about in the sunshine. Guess I need to do some shopping since my Washington wardrobe isn’t going to work. Darn… ;)

2 thoughts on “Vegas Fashion

  1. I had to get a new summer wardrobe for Willamette Valley weather too! When we lived in Seattle I only needed shorts for Wapato :)

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