Celebrating 100 Posts With Almost 100 Cupcakes!

Get ready for a cupcake overload! Last weekend I went to the Las Vegas Cupcake Bake-Off. Basically it was my idea of Heaven: as many cupcakes as you can eat, cocktails and country music. There were about 50 vendors competing in the bake-off. Each of them had a themed display that highlighted their unique flavors. Although we didn’t get to sample all of their flavors, Gigi’s cupcakes provided as many mini cupcakes as you can eat! I tried most of them, obviously. The salted caramel was my favorite!


Below are some of my favorite displays.

The Great Gatsby meets cupcakes.
I loved this 1920’s-themed display. The teenaged baker even donned 20s apparel and a cute feathered headband. If I were a cupcake I like to think this would be me. Sweet, classy, pretty and sophisticated.


Bonjour, delicious cupcake!
This Parisian-inspired display with strawberry macaron cupcakes was another favorite of mine. It makes me feel like I’m sitting at a dainty table on the sidewalks of Paris while enjoying this fashionable treat. Maybe there is a little dog, too. Yep, I think that completes the idealistic picture in my mind.


Sweet and salty.
Love churros? Then you will love this cupcake! With cinnamon cake, cinnamon buttercream, a mini churro and decorative salted caramel, this tasty treat has to be amazing!

Cupcake Lane.
Take a trip through Candy Land with these delicate desserts! The vanilla funfetti cake is topped with cotton candy buttercream, a cotton candy puff and homemade candy. Doesn’t get much sweeter than that!

The perfect picnic… for dessert!
Thought that was a juicy burger and buttery corn on the cob? Think again. The corn on the cob is a chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream, topped with jelly beans and a yellow starburst for the butter. This is my kind of BBQ!

I mustache you a question...
How could you not like the looks of this cupcake?! This chocolate-y delight is topped with a decorative mustache, which is right on trend with the mustache merchandise that is appearing everywhere.

Drop it like it’s hot.
A few bakers displayed their cupcakes in cocktail glasses, which is such a cute idea! I could drink this raspberry lemon drop cupcake right up!

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Love the retro kitchen theme! 


Mugs of hot cocoa are so yesterday.
I’m loving this Kahlua hot chocolate cupcake with marshmallow buttercream! Can I just curl up by a fireplace and watch the snow fall outside the window with one of these in my hand?

Let’s take shots!
Of chocolate liqueur, that is. Can’t forget pretzels, the traditional bar snack. This is one thought-out cupcake!

A little sweet, a little salty, a lot of flavor!
With a caramel cake, peanut butter and caramel filling topped with chocolate icing and a chocolate-dipped pretzel, this cupcake is definitely a palette-pleaser.

Most interesting flavor goes to… Shrimp?
The cornbread cupcake is topped with shrimp. Not sure how I feel about that combination.


Fiesta con cupcakes!
No need for a margarita when you have this chocolate chipotle bacon cupcake to spice up a party.

Luck of the Irish.
Whether it’s St. Patty’s Day or you just enjoy this dark bar, a Guinness cupcake is best served in a glass!

Holy, Cannoli! 


Paradise found.
I’ll take a beach and/or a cupcake any day.


Viva Las Cupcakes!
It wouldn’t be the Las Vegas Bake-Off without a slot machine. I’ll take chocolate chips over poker chips any day!


Stylin’ shoe-cakes.
Dress up your cupcake with a cookie heel!

{Hope you enjoyed this calorie-free tour!}

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