Stars & Stripes

stars and stripes

Happy July! This means one of my favorite holidays, the 4th of July, is almost here! Ok, so you don’t get presents, but I love everything associated with this holiday: summertime, barbecues, America, country music, fireworks, friends, family, beer, bonfires, picnics and enjoying the outdoors. I also love the classic fashion styles of this festive day. Get ready for the 4th with some stars and stripes and red, white and blue!

The 4th of July is the epitome of summer, so a relaxed vibe with a splash of fun, trendy style is perfect for this day. Nothing says laid back and American like some star-spangled Converse! If you’d rather go with stripes, this Splendid tank top is cute, soft and cool. Coral is close enough to red, right?! Also, since chevron is basically the super-stylish sister of stripes, I think it should be included in this selection.

My boyfriend and I got in the spirit of this happy holiday at the “Red Wine and Brew” beer and wine festival in Las Vegas. With a great selection of beer and wine, barbecue food, live music and 110 degree heat, it was impossible not to get excited for this spirited holiday!

20130630-233905.jpg 20130630-233913.jpg

Hope everyone has a great 4th :)


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