Hello, Sunshine!

Better late than never… here are some of my pictures from our trip to Cabo!

20130608-173749.jpg 20130608-173735.jpg

This was the gorgeous view from our favorite restaurant at our hotel: 20130608-173422.jpgI learned that I LOVE SUSHI! I’m obsessed. Especially with tempura rolls. I didn’t know there was deep fried sushi!20130608-173356.jpg20130608-173432.jpg20130608-173448.jpg20130608-173459.jpg20130608-173509.jpg20130608-173517.jpgThe world’s smallest bar: 20130608-173543.jpgWe took a boat ride to Lover’s Beach, which was beautiful!20130608-173552.jpg20130608-173559.jpg20130608-173606.jpg20130608-173618.jpg20130608-173624.jpg20130608-173718.jpg

We got a little adventurous and went zip lining. It was so much fun!


It was a great trip full of relaxation, adventure and sun!


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