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After a busy month, I am finally settled down and able to start blogging again!

May started out with a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (pictures to follow!). It was great to get some relaxation in before the craziness of moving began. Although it was no fun living out of a suitcase while getting adjusted to a new place and the heat that goes along with it, we are finally settled in to our new home in Las Vegas! By settled in I mean that we have our furniture and are 70% organized, but we have a long way to go before our place looks as Pinterest-perfect as I want it to be! I will have  a lot of home decor and DIY posts in the future :)

I also realized that I need to do a lot of editing on my “About Me” page, since so much has changed in my life. Here are some updates:

  • I live in Las Vegas, Nevada with my boyfriend, Rob. He is a pilot in the Air Force, which is why we left Seattle.
  • I’m on the job hunt! I want to continue working with fashion, but I also love writing, marketing and social media. Hopefully my dream job won’t be impossible to find. *Fingers crossed*
  • I have learned that life is an unexpected journey, full of adventure. Six months ago, if someone had told me I would be leaving Seattle and living in Vegas, I would have thought they were crazy! Me leaving my gorgeous home state and moving to a place known for partying and having super hot weather?! But here I am and I couldn’t be happier :)



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