Ten Things to Try This Month

I’m not playing an April Fools joke when I say it was sunny in Seattle today! I believe that spring is a time for fresh starts (like a clean closet!) and new adventures. Here are some of my favorite things that I think you’ll enjoy, too! They are definitely worth giving a try this month.
  1. Yoga at Yoga to the People. Every time I go to the Vinyasa class I leave with that “yoga high” feeling because I’m mentally relaxed and have had a great workout.
  2. Gone Girl. If you like a good mystery and intriguing characters with complex relationships, this is the book for you! I don’t want to give too much away because it is a page-turner full of unpredictable twists!
  3. The Voice. I understand being sick of singing competitions, but you can’t go wrong with Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. I was skeptical about Shakira and Usher being the new coaches, but I was pleasantly surprised– they are really funny!
  4. Wreck it Ralph. This is not just a movie children will enjoy. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (literally, my roommate cried during it). It’s a great story with great characters!
  5. Lauren Conrad’s blog. I wish I were her best friend so that I could borrow her clothes and have her style my hair. Instead I’ll just have to settle for the next best thing: following her blog, which is full of style ideas, recipes and advice for life that every girl should know. From organizing your fridge and cleaning out your closet to dating and party planning, these posts are useful and entertaining!
  6. The famed “sock bun” that is all over Pinterest. Once you perfect it, you’ll want to wear it everyday. It’s a quick and easy way to look put-together (even if you haven’t washed your hair in a day or two…).
  7. Mint.com app for your phone. It’s a simple way to keep track of your bank account and monthly budgets. The visual time lines and pie charts it creates help you visualize where your money goes. It will email you weekly summaries of your spending, too, so it’s obvious if you’ve been having too much fun at the mall recently. Since I started using this app, I have become much better at saving because I don’t want to see those “over budget” alerts.
  8. Healthy desserts. Swimsuit season and a sweet tooth don’t mix well. Maintain your fit figure and satisfy those cravings with fruit dipped in dark chocolate! Store some in the freezer so that you’ll always have a quick treat on hand.
  9. Lady Antebellum’s new music. Their latest single, “Downtown,” is a catchy and upbeat song that you can’t help but sing along to! Their new album comes out May 7 and I will be purchasing it ASAP!
  10. Add a pop of color! Brighten up your basic jeans and t-shirt ensemble with coral flats, an orange cross-body bag or a mint statement necklace.

Hope you all have a great month :)

Feel free to leave a comment :)

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