Go-To Accessories

No outfit is complete without some accessories, but these little accents are often forgotten. Putting clothes together and picking out shoes can be challenging enough when you’re rushing to get ready for work or an event. That’s why having one trendy, yet everyday piece is essential. From earrings to bracelets, just having one go-to piece will help complete your look without much thought. Here are some of my favorite ways to easily accessorize:
  • Watch. I’m obsessed with rose gold, especially for watches! All you have to do is quickly clasp it on before you walk out the door and you’ve got an instant accessory that is both pretty and practical!
  • Studs. Earrings add a lot to an outfit. Studs are nice because you can keep them in 24/7. A neutral pair, such as a simple diamond (or faux diamond), will compliment any look!
  • Simple necklace. A delicate cross or a simple-shaped necklace goes with everything.
  • Stacking rings. From chevron to studs, these details add instant style to this classic accessory.
  • Bracelet. Whether it’s one chunky cuff or several small bangles, bracelets can spice up an outfit, especially when you are wearing a top or dress with 3/4 sleeves.

Cara bracelet jewelry

H m
$7.56 – hm.com

Kate spade

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