Cupcake Cafe

Who would have thought that Alamogordo, New Mexico would have such a cute and tasty cupcake shop?! I didn’t! When my boyfriend, Rob, came home from work he said that he wanted to take me to lunch off base. When I asked what kind of food it served his answer was, “surprise food.” I decided I LOVE surprise food because apparently it means cupcakes!!!


First, we ordered the hot chocolate cupcake. It was a chocolate cake topped with marshmallows and chocolate fudge sauce. It was heated up so that it was gooey and delicious!


Next, we got the cinnamon roll cupcake. This was my favorite! There was cinnamon in the cake and it was topped with cinnamon, sugar and cream cheese frosting!



The bacon maple cupcake was our third and final treat. This was Rob’s favorite. The maple cake and maple butter cream was good, but I didn’t like the bacon flavor with it.


Three minutes later…


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