Fun in Fremont


After living in Seattle for five years now, how have I never been to the Fremont Sunday Market before?! There is food, mobile clothing boutiques, jewelry, crafts, home decor and thrift store-type items, so basically everything I love! My roommates and I had the best time. They both got some delicious jam from a stand that sold unique flavors such as raspberry chipotle (which had beer in it, too, although you couldn’t taste it). I enjoyed the booth selling gluten-free pastries! However, the mobile clothing boutiques were my favorite. These repurposed school buses and trailers were as cute on the outside as they were the inside! One was even heated and had a dressing room. They had a surprisingly big selection of cute clothes, accessories and purses. Check out the pictures of our weekend adventure below :)

IMG_1034 IMG_1035 IMG_1039

IMG_1038  IMG_1041

IMG_1042  IMG_1044  IMG_1046


IMG_1048  IMG_1050

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